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How to buy 3skeng
buy 3skeng directly or through our reliable partners


License model, license terms, prices and how-to buy 3skeng!

3skeng License Model (Maintenance):
Tools are perpetual (non-expiring) licenses working with the officially released SketchUp version at time of purchase.

Discounted Tool Upgrades are required to use 3skeng tools for later/higher SketchUp versions.
Tool Upgrades are free of charge if we release 3skeng tools for a later/higher SketchUp version within three months after your tool purchase!

Pipe and Mount Libraries are time-limited (rental) licenses valid for one year after purchase.
Any Library purchase is a one-time payment, not a recurring payment! Libraries can be used with all available 3skeng Pipe and Mount tool generations and require a valid license (full version or not expired demo).

3skeng License Terms:
Click the link to learn more about our 3skeng License terms.
Click the link to learn more about the Privacy Policy of SHK and 3skeng.

3skeng license prices:
"3skeng AR 2019 Tool" for Microsoft HoloLens: Introduction offer 32% off!
requires both "3skeng AR" App for Windows 995 650 US-$ (~ 879 575 €)
and "3skeng AR" Extension for SketchUp (included with the App).
Follow the link to the 3skeng AR app in the Microsoft Store: 3skeng AR App

"3skeng List 2019 Tool" 89 US-$ (~ 79 €),
Upgrades from older versions 39 US-$ (~ 34 €).

"3skeng Pipe 2019 Tool" 399 US-$ (~ 349 €).
Upgrades from older versions 179 US-$ (~ 159 €).
Detail libraries can be used for one year and start at 59 US-$ (~ 52 €).

"3skeng Channel 2019 Tool" 169 US-$ (~ 149 €).
Upgrades from older versions 79 US-$ (~ 69 €).

"3skeng Mount 2019 Tool" 299 US-$ (~ 259 €),
INCLUDING one year of "Threaded Rods and Pipe Clips" detail library,
INCLUDING one year of "C-Channel" detail library,
Upgrades from older versions 139 US-$ (~ 119 €).

"3skeng Steelwork 2019 Tool" 299 US-$ (~ 259 €).
Upgrades from older versions 139 US-$ (~ 119 €).

Special rates apply for resellers and educational use of the software. Just send an e-mail to sales@3skeng.com to get more information.

There are multiple ways to get your 3skeng license:

Use the integrated 3skeng shop
You can buy in the integrated shop after installation and activation (please see picture below). We accept the payments methods PayPal, Credit Card (AMEX, JCB, MasterCard and VISA) and prepayment by bank transfer.
Your purchased license is directly added to your account after successful payment and you receive an invoice of the purchase (You will not receive a transaction key). The license can be used after synchronization of 3skeng and restart of SketchUp.
Good-to-know: We work with approved third party payment solution providers. During the purchase process, you are rerouted to the provider's encrypted SSL-page resulting in 3skeng/SHK having no contact with your payment data (e.g. credit card data) at any time whatsoever.
What can I do in case of Credit Card transaction errors?
The most common reason is that your Credit Card company declines international transactions by default. In such a case, please contact your credit card company or issuing bank to (temporarily) unlock Germany for your 3skeng purchase(s).

Click picture to enlarge.

Buy 3skeng by invoice
In case you need multiple licenses for your seat and / or seats with multiple licenses for multiple users, we can prepare a custom quotation for you and send an invoice after you decide to buy (Payable by PayPal, Credit Card (AMEX, JCB, MasterCard and VISA) and bank transfer.)
Your purchased license(s) will be delivered by license card with transaction key.
Please contact sales@3skeng.com with your requirements or information request and we will take care of you.

Buy 3skeng through resellers
Take a look at the map below to find out if you have a 3skeng reseller in your region. Our resellers will (in most cases) also be able to provide information, support and training in your timezone and language.
Your purchased license(s) will be delivered by license card with transaction key.

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