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3skeng tool comparison
compare the features of 3skeng tools


3skeng Tools - Comparison Table

  AR List Pipe Mount Steel
Channel Cable Tray 1)
Available for Windows PC
Available for MAC  
3skeng 2021 Tool for
SketchUp 2021 to 2018
3skeng 2020 Tool for
SketchUp 2020 to 2017
3skeng 2019 Tool for
SketchUp 2019/2018/2017
3skeng 2018 Tool for
SketchUp 2018/2017/2016
3skeng 2017 (ver.2) Tool for
SketchUp 2017/2016/2015
3skeng 2017 (ver.1) Tool for
SketchUp 2017 to 2014
Trial version None 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Available through
Extension Warehouse
link link link link link link link
Available through
website, client, resellers
Auto-Pipe 3skeng 2019
+ Reducer 3skeng 2021
Edit & Rotate    
Connect (Single entity)            
Connect (Multicopy)      
List for SketchUp elements
(Faces, Groups, Components)
List for 3skeng tool elements  
Speed improvement  
Assigned IFC properties are kept for copied & edited elements.    
Use of detail libraries     *** **     *

1) Will be released with 3skeng 2022.

* Available libraries for 3skeng Cable Tray:
- Default Cable Tray

** Available libraries for 3skeng Mount:
- Threaded Rods and Pipe Clips
- C-Channel
- O-Channel (Heavy Duty)

** Available libraries for 3skeng Pipe:
- Imperial CPVC
- Imperial Fiberglass
- Imperial PVC DWV Piping (Drain-Waste-Ventilation)
- Metric PE80/PE100
- Metric PE-HD
- Metric PP
- Metric PVC-C
- Metric PVC-U
Ductile Iron
- Imperial Ductile Iron with grooved connection (AWWA)
- Imperial Ductile Iron with mechanical joint & flanged connection (AWWA)
- Imperial Steel B36.10M
- Metric Steel Piping
- Metric Steel Piping Pressing Socket
Steel (Grooved Connection)
- Met-Imp Steel Grooved Piping 2-12in
- Met-Imp Steel Grooved Piping 14-60in
- Imperial/Metric Steel Sprinkler with grooved connection
Stainless Steel
- Imperial Stainless Steel B36.19M
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping, DIN EN 10357
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping, JIS
- Metric Stainless Steel Pressing Socket
Stainless Steel (Pure Use)
- Imperial Stainless Steel Tubing for pure use
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping, JIS for pure use
Ventilation and Exhaust Duct
- Imperial Stainless Steel Ductwork
- Imperial Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Plug Joint)
- Metric Stainless Steel Ductwork (Flanged)
- Metric Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Plug Joint)
- Metric Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Flanged)
High Vacuum
- Stainless Steel Vacuum CF/UHV
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-F
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-K
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-KF
- Metric Copper Pressing Socket

Learn more about the latest and recent 3skeng versions at the 3skeng release notes.

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