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3skeng project references
who uses 3skeng for which applications?


3skeng References - Users and their applications

Teaming up SketchUp and 3skeng can be a powerful combination to approach many applications -
as long as they include either Pipe, circular & rectangular duct, secondary steelwork (like C-Channel) and/or primary steelwork (like T-section beams).
Actual applications range from conceptual to detail, from small to big, from trivial to pompous and from obvious (e.g. facility engineering) to less obvious (e.g. aquarium building).

Download 3skeng References.pdf to get an extract of users and their applications accompanied by SketchUp and 3skeng.

You want to share your own SketchUp & 3skeng achievements with the user community and potential customers?
We invite you to provide additions for our "3skeng references" and/or banners for our homepage (maximum width 620 pixels)!
Show the people out there who you are and what you are capable of with the right skills and toolset!

Send your input to support@3skeng.com and we will gladly review your potential additions!

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