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SHK - the developers of 3skeng
3skeng - created and refined in engineering projects


"The 3skeng story" or "How SHK's world turned 3D"

SHK is an engineering and consulting company that works for the high-tech industry in Asia, Europe and the U.S. since 1994. Soon after its formation, SHK started to develop the “SemiSoft” Software Package to support the handling of complex projects. This software package is continuously improved and still in use by various customers worldwide.

To face the demands of complex space management challenges in projects, SHK was looking for an easy to use and fast 3D software. SketchUp was the best tool to get this demanding job done for the architectural side. As the standard tools of SketchUp are not specifically intended to generate and edit piping, air ducts and cable trays, SHK decided in 2007 to develop a SketchUp extension that fills this gap.

The software’s user interface and tools had to meet the high demands of SHK’s own projects:
- High speed of initial development of a complex model.
- Implementation of changes with very little effort.
- Easy and fast generation of alternative designs.
- Achieving an overall speed that allows real-time manipulation during meetings.

After completion of the first version, SHK successfully used the software in projects and decided in 2009 to share this proven and tested software with the SketchUp community. Since then 3skeng tools are continuously improved and published either with or very soon after every new SketchUp version.

The simple and pure commitment was and still is to create the best possible instrument to make 3D engineering easier, faster and therefore more efficient.

Overview of SHK projects

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