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More information about 3skeng and the team behind 3skeng

Get an overview at 3skeng References to learn what users do with SketchUp and 3skeng.

Get to know more about SHK, the engineering & developing team behind 3skeng.

The following videos give you an idea about current & future activities around 3skeng:

SketchUp Basecamp 2016 - SHK presents its workflow for big, data-driven projects
SHK developed a proven workflow using SketchUp and 3skeng in big, data-driven projects.
The latest project for the semiconductor industry included:
- generation of the 3D building model including ideas for improvement,
- generation of 3D machine models incl. utility connections with specific data (e.g. pressure, flow),
- development of 3D machine layout variants for a cleanroom size of 14.000 m / 150,000 ft,
- development of 3D space management for utility infrastructure level (utilities & steelwork),
- calculation of utility infrastructure based on 3D machine layout and embedded machine data,
- 3D design of the corresponding utility infrastructure level with:
  56 km / 35 miles of pipe, tube & duct and 22 km / 8.7 miles of cable trays.
- design of secondary steelwork for pipe, duct and cable tray support.
All mentioned tasks were designed in 3D with SketchUp and 3skeng tools (both available tools and yet unreleased prototypes).

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