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3skeng Pipe Libraries
Pipes, Fittings, Valves and more right at your mouse pointer...

Libraries for 3skeng Pipe Tool detail

Following the conceptual design, you can use 3skeng Pipe in "Detail mode" to handle and create detail design. You can select from many libraries for piping systems of various materials, connection types and standards (ANSI, EN and DIN). Within the 3skeng extension, you can choose and add only those libraries you actually need for your project
The purchase of any library not only includes the use for one year (starting at purchase) but also potential updates and extensions! Any purchase is a one-time payment and no recurring subscription! You can extend necessary libraries anytime (this will add another year) or reactivate them after expiration - however your work or project requires!
After the purchase of a library, the required data is transferred to your local 3skeng database on your computer. That way you can use 3skeng in "detail mode" at any time, also offline, without any constraints!

Elements of detail libraries contain all information for an exact detail design:

The libraries contain more than 40,000 elements in total. Every single element was designed by our library team specifically for 3skeng. It is very important for us to design the elements based on work and render efficency.

By using the tools 3skeng Label and 3skeng List, you can label detail elements of your designs and generate bills of materials with just a few clicks. All data for description, size, material and, if available, weight are taken from your local 3skeng database.

NEW: Selected libraries for 3skeng 2019 now include the information "manufacturer" and "order number", usable with 3skeng Label and 3skeng List.

Label Tool with manufacturer information

List Tool with manufacturer information
in SketchUp and Microsoft Excel

Plastic Libraries

Imperial and metric libraries:
CPVC, PE-HD, PVC-C and Fiberglass based on ANSI, EN and DIN standards.
NEW: These libraries include manufacturer parts and order numbers:
PE (+GF+ ecoFIT),
PP (+GF+ PROGEF Standard),
PVDF (+GF+ SYGEF Standard) and
Ductile Iron Libraries

Imperial libraries based on AWWA standards with flanged, grooved and mechanical joint connections.
Steel and Stainless Steel Libraries

Imperial and metric libraries based on ANSI, EN and DIN standards.
Steel Libraries (Grooved Pipe Joining)

Imperial and metric libraries.
Sprinkler Library (Grooved Pipe Joining)

(Requires the library "Grooved Pipe System 2-12in")

Imperial and metric library.
Stainless Steel (Pure Use) Library

Imperial library for Quick Connect, Clampring and VCR connections.
Ventilation and Exhaust Duct

Imperial and metric Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel libraries.
High Vacuum Piping Libraries

Metric libraries for ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F and CF/UHV connection.
Copper Library

Metric library.

Available libraries for 3skeng Pipe:
- Imperial CPVC
- Imperial PVC DWV Piping (Drain-Waste-Ventilation)
- Imperial Fiberglass
- Metric PE80/PE100 (+GF+ ecoFIT)
- Metric PE-HD
- Metric PP (+GF+ PROGEF Standard)
- Metric PVC-C
- Metric PVC-U (+GF+ PVC-U)
- Metric PPVDF / PVDF-HP (+GF+ SYGEF Standard / +GF+ SYGEF Plus)
Ductile Iron
- Imperial Ductile Iron with grooved connection (AWWA)
- Imperial Ductile Iron with mechanical joint & flanged connection (AWWA)
- Imperial Steel B36.10M
- Metric Steel Piping
- Metric Steel Piping Pressing Socket
Steel (Grooved Connection)
- Met-Imp Steel Grooved Piping 2-12in
- Met-Imp Steel Grooved Piping 14-60in
- Imperial/Metric Steel Sprinkler with grooved connection
Stainless Steel
- Imperial Stainless Steel B36.19M
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping, DIN EN 10357
- Metric Stainless Steel Piping, JIS
- Metric Stainless Steel Pressing Socket
Stainless Steel (Pure Use)
- Imperial Stainless Steel Tubing for pure use
- Metric Stainless Steel Tubing, JIS for pure use
Ventilation and Exhaust Duct
- Imperial Stainless Steel Ductwork
- Imperial Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Plug Joint)
- Metric Stainless Steel Ductwork (Flanged)
- Metric Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Plug Joint)
- Metric Galvanized Steel Ductwork (Flanged)
High Vacuum
- Stainless Steel Vacuum CF/UHV
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-F
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-K
- Stainless Steel Vacuum ISO-KF
- Metric Copper Pressing Socket

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