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3skeng Pipe Tool
Pipe - design pipelines and round ductwork


3skeng Pipe Tool

We put the "Pipe Tool" to many "real life" tests, constantly work to improve it and enable it to handle our biggest and most complex pipeline and round ductwork designs.


"Pipe Tool" using the conceptual mode
All you need to model conceptual pipelines is integrated in this tool.
Pipes, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reducers as well as elbows are generated and connected together in a smooth workflow with only few mouse-clicks.
You have access to the most common standards (ANSI, ASME, ISO EN and JIS) and determine the dimensions of fittings with only a few clicks. Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist you in the process.

  "Pipe Tool" using the detail mode
The detail mode brings 3D piping design to a whole new level.
The access to detail mode (switchable in the 3skeng client) allows you to use libraries with dimensions that are available on the market. Detailed pipe libraries are available on the library page.
The embedded auto-pipe function helps you to connect 3skeng components and allows you to select one of the possible configurations. Auto-Pipe is available for both conceptual and detail mode.

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